Great Gatsby review

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Great Gatsby review

Some have said Movie of the Year, others such as Vogue have dedicated whole magazine spreads to the theme – but how did the movie live up in the eyes of Ultimo harsh critics ?

Perhaps slightly biased as a lover of all things 1920’s I happily raced down to the Cinema on the first night with a few girlfriends to divulge on the glamourous age that was the 20’s.

We sat in awe as we we saw the characters of Daisy Buchanan and Jay Gatsby come to life in prefect resemblance to the age old classic. Having come from a background in fashion – the costumes did not disappoint with the Tiffany & Co jewelry from the archives breathtaking and the costumes – especially the first outfit we see Daisy in – a robe de style, 1920’s silhouette famous from french designers of the time such as Lanvin – out of this world. Although a tragic love story there were also some comedic parts such as the “Garden Scene” where Gatsby goes overboard on flowers in Nick’s very humble house to win Daisy’s attention. The detail was exceptional – especially with the Speakeasy on 42nd Street including even the tiniest of details such as presbyterian nymphs on the ceiling…if you look close enough, as in the original novel.

All in all there is something for everyone – comedy, tragedy, cutting-edge styling and costumes and visually entrancing graphics.

Score 10/10 – and a huge applaud to Baz Luhrmann for offering top notch decadence on a weeknight!!



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